Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh NO! Sick Sick and Sick some more..

So, This morning I wake up to hear Austin crying.. I go in his room to get him and to my surprise he had (ahem) thrown up EVERYWHERE! Seriously I would like to go one whole winter without anyone getting the dreaded stomach flu.. Well now what? I decided to make some soup of course! What else is better for ANY kind of sickness? And if any of you haven't tried the Chicken Pot Pie Soup I highly recommend it. At our house it is everyones favorite and it is super easy to make.. 

So you are probably thinking "Ok just what I wanted to hear about her family chicken soup and stomach flu, Can't she come up with anything better?" Well to answer your question Nope.. I am a mom.. haha.. My days are filled with poop, snotty noses, fighting little boys, cleaning, and cooking. And I guess when you hear all that it can sound kind of lame and make anyone not want to try it. Well let me tell you that at the end of the day when they tell me " Good night momma I love you" It makes all of that other stuff seems so worth it :) Everyday I see my growing happy boys and it is the biggest reward in the world!

I notice that my boys are more like Kyle mostly when they do something bad or when they get sick.. haha.. Ok that's not fair on Kyle.. They are also extremely smart like him too. And I say that they remind me of him when they are sick because boy do they expect to be SPOILED when they are.. It cracks me up how they lay around and boss me.. The funniest part is I usually get them what they are asking for. I can't help it must be something that comes with being the "mom" .. You should see me when they are all sick.. I seriously NEVER sit down.. So I guess in a way Thank God that only one is sick today.. I have like zero energy haha... Anyway as uneventful as this was I had nothing else and I promised to keep things more current! So I guess you'll get the bad along with the good as well as the interesting with the boring.. :)  

Friday, October 1, 2010

So a little Catch

So I for sure got some catching up to do.. Haha.. Since the last time I was here a lot has happened! On June 27th 2010 we bought a home in Huntington and we love it.. Haygen has started pre school and has been doing really well and meeting new friends.. It has also been an experience for me as well with getting to bring treats and making an ABC page for all of his classmates. He absolutely loves it :) Austin is getting bigger and he is a total mess.. He looks and ACTS just like his daddy. We like to call him Austin the menace (Dennis the Menace) he pulls off the nickname well I can tell you that much.. I am just glad there are no "Mr. Wilsons" around us haha.. It has been a fun and wonderful experience being a mother to two wonderful boys I couldn't have asked for better! Kyle has been doing the same ole same with his hounds and chasing them bears. He loves it though and I love the fact that he has a healthy addiction haha.. He is a good man who treats us well and provides for us even better. In the 4 year that I have been married to him I have grown to love him more and more everyday. So I guess you're thinking ok how about you? Well I have been doing great also with the same ole same! Just chasing kids and doing the wife thing. Everyday there is something new, fun, and interesting that happens to me so it never gets old! (thank you kyle for letting me be a stay at home mom) To me it is the most rewarding selfless job out there.. I know I am supposed to be teaching my kids but everyday they teach me something new haha Its almost like we are growing up together.. :) Well that is it for now signing off with promises of trying to keep on top of this blog! 


Since I have not been on this thing forever our blog is in serious need of a makeover or re do haha.. I will from now on try to keep it as current as I can and post some pictures along with it.. Pictures are going to be a bit harder to keep current on here because my camera has been lost so we are making due with disposables until I can get me a new one.. I am so excited to be on here and catch up with everyone :)